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🌎 Real World Elixir 2: Hot Deploys, Tracking and Tools


Another exciting lineup of Real World Elixir from expert practitioners this month. Also we have the privilege of welcoming not one but two new speakers!

Jeffrey will cover Hot Deployment with Distillery, a little Docker. Martin will show us how Blake use GenServers to track user interactions. Finally Luke will cover the gamut of great tools in the Elixir and Erlang ecosystem and constrast to other languages and toolchains.

Elixir and Erlang developers of all levels are more than welcome, and if you're a complete beginner or just curious, then this a great chance to get started and get help from more experienced Elixir developers.

See you there,

Josh, James and Andrew


Luke Swithenbank

Elixir Tooling: The Good and the Bad

Luke will cover the myriad of amazing tools at our disposal in the Elixir and Erlang ecosystem. We personally can't wait for the new code formatter to arrive in Elixir 1.6, but he'll also cover Dialyzer and Dialyxir for type checking your code. Credo for checking and ensuring consistent code style, HiPE, iEx and more. He'll also look at what opportunities there are for improvement in tooling and what you can do about it!

Martin Stannard

Session Tracking with GenServers

Martin will deep dive into how Blake Education uses GenServers to track and analyse the interactions of high volumes of users on Reading Eggs and other products. We've looked at GenServers before and we know that they are used for managing state in your Elixir applications, but this will be a great introduction into a very practical use case for them.

Jeffrey Chan

Hot Deploying with Distillery and Docker

Jeffrey will take us through the process of taking your Elixir or Phoenix application and deploying it with Distillery and maybe even a little bit of Docker. He'll also cover hot deployments which are some of the best kept secrets of the BEAM!

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