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Elixir Sydney is back for 2020

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05 February 2020

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6:00 - 8:30 PM

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About Elixir Sydney

We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month to talk about Elixir and Erlang and associated technologies. Most months we have talks but we sometimes host practical coding nights. Beginners are always welcome to join and we try to keep talks accessible to those new to the language and ecosystem.

Elixir Sydney is back for 2020

Elixir Sydney is back for 2020, and we've got some great talks lined up for you right out of the gate! So, join us for some functional-for-your-brain presentations and functional-for-your-appetite food and drinks and help us kick off the year!

Beginners are more than welcome, and this a great chance to get started and get help from more experienced Elixir developers.

Thanks very much to Expert360 for hosting us and providing drinks, and thanks to Alembic for providing the food.

See you there,

Josh, James, and Paul


Dan Draper

Order Revealing Encryption for Cloud Data

With significant data breaches becoming the daily norm, our approaches to storing data in the cloud, especially with 3rd party providers need to radically improve.

Lenfree Yeung

My Journey to Elixir and Rate Limiting library

Lenfree will talk about how he got started with Elixir, along with the things he likes and dislikes. Then he'll show off his solution and talk about his learnings for a rate limiting library, which he developed.

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Where to find us


Level 3, 14 Martin Place NSW 2000

Ring or Text Josh on 0415 366 251, if you're late, lost or can't get in. We'll send someone down to get you.

Level 3, 14 Martin Place NSW 2000



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