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Welcome to the first Elixir Sydney meetup for 2024! We're in-person and online, so come and join us from wherever you are.

Josh and Mike


Lars Wikman

Do you use Erlang tracing? You should!

Welcome to my little tracing talk. An informal romp through Erlang's fundamental tracing facilities. Then onwards to the common libraries that you should probably use. Beyond that we go to an experimental Elixir library I'm building out to make it so simple that I will actually use it. And maybe some UI...

Josh Price

Give Your Domain Experts Superpowers with Spark DSLs

Want to build a DSL but don't want to write and maintain macros? In this session we will examine how useful Domain Specific Languages can be, and how Spark can help you build powerful DSLs in Elixir fast. Spark DSLs are self-documenting, extensible and come with auto-complete and language tooling out of the box. Best of all you don't need to write macros to do it! You will learn how DSLs can give your domain experts superpowers, and how you can use them in your applications. You'll be able to know when DSLs are useful and when they are not. Most importantly you'll be able to build powerful DSLs quickly without having to use macros.

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Josh Price

Mike Buhot

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