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Elixir Sydney is back for the May 2024 meetup! We're in-person and online, so come and join us from wherever you are.

Josh and Mike


Kip Cole

Fast and efficient image processing in Elixir

Images influence every aspect of an application design and UX. They comprise a significant amount of the payload for many apps. This talk looks at how the combination of libvips, vix and image can be used to: Scale, resize, transform and compose images fast and efficiently, Streaming image pipelines from the front end through to external storage services, Deliver the right image size dynamically to Plug-based apps and Vectorise raster images to SVG for fun - and for efficient image placeholders.

Nicholas Hammond

Tools for runtime validation of types

Nicholas talks about hist experiences trying out a few tools that do runtime validation of types

Josh Price

Highlights from Elixir Conf EU and Gig City Elixir

Josh shares the news, announcements and best talks to watch online from Elixir Conf EU and Gig City Elixir

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Josh Price

Mike Buhot

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