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🔥 Phoenix, Ecto and Nerves


With the new updates to Phoenix 1.3 and Ecto 2.1, we will take another look at the things we can do with Phoenix and Ecto.

We will also show you some fun things you can do with Nerves, which lets you build embedded software for Raspberry Pis in Elixir.


Andrew Harvey

Functional Firmware with Nerves

In this talk we will explore Nerves, the Elixir framework for building and deploying embedded software. Nerves is the easiest way to deploy Elixir to the Raspberry Pi or the Beaglebone.

James Sadler

Ecto 2.1 Tips and Tricks

If you want to talk to a datastore, you’re going to want to make friends with Ecto. It lets you compose query fragments with ease, and takes advantage of powerful Postgres features like Upserts. We’ll do a quick intro, and then take a deeper look at these new features.

Josh Price

What's New in Phoenix 1.3

Phoenix 1.3 has just been released and there are lots of new changes. The project structure is significantly different and guide developers in the right direction for the best way to structure applications. We'll take a look at this and all the other cool new features.

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Josh Price

James Sadler

Paul Fioravanti

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