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Special Event - José Valim live and in person!


We're delighted to announce that José Valim will be joining us at the December meetup in person.

Places are limited, so please respond ASAP if you're up for mingling with some fellow Alchemists and José on Wednesday 6th December.

See you there,

Josh and Mike


José Valim

Q&A with José Valim

José Valim will host an informal Q&A session, and might even show us some Livebook if you ask nicely.

Nick Gunn

Hot-Code Upgrades with Castle

Hot-code upgrades have been one of the more compelling but underused features of the BEAM. In this talk, Nick will take us on a deep dive into hot-code upgrades, how they work and why the Castle library helps.

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Josh Price

Mike Buhot

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