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Elixir Camp is a place for people interested in Elixir, Erlang and related technologies to gather, network, share ideas and generally have a great time. While there's a general focus on Elixir developers, techy people of any background are encouraged to attend.


Rob Howard

Beyond Simple Types in Elm

Elm gives us the ability to use types to talk about the shape of our data. It's really tempting to just use simple things like String, Number, etc, but there's a bunch of ways we can tell Elm more about what we intend, and use types as a tool instead of just a constraint.

James Sadler

Intro to GraphQL with Elixir

GraphQL is a relevant up and coming API technology that offers API consumers much more flexibility than REST. It's a well-defined standard (as opposed to REST, which is convention driven) and supports streaming and subscriptions. Elixir is an ideal platform on which to build GraphQL APIs.

Kevin Yank

Introduction to Elm

Just like Elixir challenges some of Ruby’s design decisions on the backend, Elm challenges aspects of the JavaScript language on the frontend to create a delightful developer experience. In this session, you’ll get a grand tour of the sources of developer happiness in Elm, and hopefully be convinced to give this exciting new language a closer look.

Josh Price

Intro to Phoenix 1.3 and Plug

A talk to demystify the macro magic in Phoenix to demonstrate it's simplicity.

Martin Stannard

GenServer 101

A quick rundown on GenServers and their implementation

Alan Harper

Whats the point of a process registry

Thoughts on how to handle many many genservers doing tiny jobs.

Jo Cranford

Drinking the Elixir a story about breaking up a Rails Monolith

A tale about a journey from a Rails Monolith into Elixir Microservices. Why we chose Elixir, and what we've learned along the way.

Alex Tsirel

Production Maintenance

Right after you head to production lots of issues will appear. This talk will cover common issues with building/publishing releases, showing difference between production environment and production release, monitoring and zero-downtime deploy with upgrade or phased reboot.

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