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☁️ Cloud Deployment and 🚨 Nerves


This month we'll be recapping the awesomeness that was Elixir Camp.

Dave Parry will walk us through a fully buzzword compliant cloud deployment stack including Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS and Buildkite.

Andrew will keep trucking and dive deeper into running Elixir on embedded hardware.


Josh Price

Elixir Camp Recap

Elixir was a really fantastic weekend. We had great talks, we had fires while we munched on delicious food (including 10hr smoked pulled pork). Josh will give you a quick rundown of some of the highlights.

Andrew Harvey

Functional Firmware with Nerves (Part 2)

In this talk we will keep exploring Nerves, the Elixir framework for building and deploying embedded software. Nerves is the easiest way to deploy Elixir to the Raspberry Pi or the Beaglebone.

Dave Parry

Cloud Deployment with Kubernetes, Terraform and Buildkite

Dave will give a quick tour of his "Fully Buzzword Compliant" cloud deployment setup on AWS for deploying Elixir applications.

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