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Authentication, Recursion and Registries


This month we'll be talking about a topic that we haven't covered before, but is important for securing your webapps: Authentication with JWT and their usage with Plugs, Joken and Phoenix.

We'll also be getting with writing Elixir in a recursive style. This may not be what you're used from other languages but it's pretty great in Elixir and Erlang. We'll learn how to write the ridiculously fast Elixir functions that are easy to read.

Lastly we'll learn about what's new in Elixir 1.4 with a deep dive into the new Process Registry module.

It's going to be a great meetup, so come along and join us!


Martin Stannard

Using the New Registry in Elixir 1.4

Elixir 1.4 introduces the new Process Registry module to help manage your processes in OTP. If you've attended our OTP introductory series then you'll be ready to join Martin as he shows us how we can use this in our Elixir OTP applications.

Josh Price

Getting Comfortable With Recursion

You might not be used to writing code in a recursive style if you're coming from a more imperative language. Heard of Tail Recursion or Tail Call Optimisation, but not sure what it really means? Josh will demystify writing recursive functions that are blazingly fast and help you avoid some of the traps.

Sunil Gopinath

Authentication with JWT

Need to secure your Phoenix or Plug application? Not sure how JWT works? Well there are lots of options in Elixir for adding security to your webapp. Sunil will introduce JWT and the various options for add Authentication to your app.

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