Elixir Sydney

β›± Umbrella Apps and πŸ’§ Elixir Macros

Level 11, 155 Clarence Street Sydney 2000

This month we'll be seeing how you can achieve microservices bliss without all the pain and examine the power and mystery of Elixir macros.

Jon will take us through the basics of Umbrella Apps and explore some interesting use cases for umbrella apps for building a microservice architecture with Phoenix.

Qing Wu will lead you gently into the land of Elixir macros, you'll be an expert before you know it!

Beginners are more than welcome, and this a great chance to get started and get help from more experienced Elixir developers.

We've got not one, but TWO brand new speakers this month which is fantastic! If you'd like to present something or see something presented next month just let us know.


A Gentle Introduction to Elixir Macros

Qing Wu

Umbrella Apps and Phoenix Microservices

Jon Rowe

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