API Gateways 🚪💂, Requirements Makeovers 💅 and Phoenix 🔥🐔

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

This month we are widening our horizons beyond Elixir. We have two excellent but not Elixir-specific talks in addition to an Elixir talk.

Richard will be giving a talk about API Gateways (with bonus wit and charisma) and why you should consider using one.

Robin will take us on a journey to the promised land of beautifully distilled and clear requirements using “thinly disguised real world examples”.

Lastly, Jon will guide us through the steps to upgrade a Phoenix app from 1.2 to 1.3 while paying homage to the official emoji representation of our favorite web framework.

Expect all talks to be peppered with entertaining anecdotes and delightful little segues that we can discuss over some tasty hot chips later in the evening.

  • Richard Heycock
    An Introduction to API Gateways

    by Richard Heycock

    API Gateways are a way of managing multiple resources and can be used to provide concerns such as authentication, request throttling, bot detection and all manner of things. This edifying and entertaining talk, given my one of the most inspiring and charismatic speakers of modern times, gives a brief introduction to this fascinating subject: what an API gateway really is, how you might use one, when you probably should use one and when you probably shouldn’t. It’ll be a roller coaster of a ride.

  • Robin Hilliard
    Requirements Makeover

    by Robin Hilliard

    Robin will walk you through the process of converting a shopping list of random motherhood statements, acronyms and hopefully vague statements into useable requirements. Using thinly disguised real world examples, Robin will show you how to recognise common types of problem and describe the things developers will need to know to solve them.

  • Jon Rowe
    🔥🐔 1.2 ~> 🔥🐔 1.3

    by Jon Rowe

    Jon will take you through the steps for upgrading a Phoenix app and let us know what to watch out for!