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💃🏻 Elixir Girls Celebration


This month we are celebrating Elixir Girls which happened over the weekend and it was an amazing event! We'll be celebrating this with a recap of the event, and some talks aimed at those new to Elixir and Phoenix and programming as well as consolidating knowledge from the event.

Cath will recap everything that happened at the first Elixir Girls event and might even tell us what she has in store for the next one.

Garrett will talk us through how to design maintainable Phoenix web applications with service contracts.

Paul will reprise his talk about the Queen of functions Enum.reduce, in case you missed it the first time or didn't catch all the subtle details.

These talks will help you expand your knowledge of core Elixir and how to build more maintainable Phoenix apps.

See you there!

Josh, Andrew and James


Cath Jones

Elixir Girls Recap

Cath will tell us all the great stuff that happened at the first event, what you can do to help mentor, and possibly hint at plans for the next one.

Garrett Heinlen

Service Contracts in Phoenix

Phoenix 1.3 emphasises "Contexts" as a way of decoupling your application from your web interface. The next level of decoupling is using umbrella applications to enfore the service boundaries even further, while still maintaining an easy to work with system. Garrett will compare approaches and tell us why we need to separate the application from the web UI.

Paul Fioravanti


Paul will talk about the powerful and fundamental function in Enum, `reduce`. Definitely something you'll want in your functional programming toolkit.

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Paul Fioravanti

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