Elixir Sydney

Elixir Downunder

Level 3, 14 Martin Place Sydney 2000

Honoured to have Sophie and Alison give us a special preview of their talk for ElixirConfEU. They'll be talking about how Elixir is driving innovation in Australia.

Qing will give us a quick recap of Ecto and take us through the new features and upgrade path for Ecto 3.

Beginners are more than welcome, and this a great chance to get started and get help from more experienced Elixir developers.

Thanks to Expert360 for hosting us and providing drinks, thanks Alembic for providing the food.

See you there,

Josh and James


Elixir Downunder

Sophie Troy and Alison Hughes

Upgrading to Ecto 3

Qing Wu

Comparing Elixir and Rust

Randolph Park

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