Elixir Sydney

⛺️ Elixir Camp

162 Black Spring Rd High Range 2575

Elixir Camp is a place for people interested in Elixir, Erlang and related technologies to gather, network, share ideas and generally have a great time. While there's a general focus on Elixir developers, techy people of any background are encouraged to attend.


GenServer 101

Martin Stannard

Whats the point of a process registry

Alan Harper

Drinking the Elixir a story about breaking up a Rails Monolith

Jo Cranford

Production Maintenance

Alex Tsirel

Beyond Simple Types in Elm

Rob Howard

Introduction to Elm

Kevin Yank

Intro to Phoenix 1.3 and Plug

Josh Price

Intro to GraphQL with Elixir

James Sadler

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